Jing allows users to capture and share what they see on their computer screen instantly. A variety of materials can be created through Jing including tutorials and video photo albums. Captures can either be taken as a snapshot or a video. Video captures require the use of a microphone. In order to view captures, must be used in conjunction with Jing. User registration is Free.

Jing example: This link will lead you to a tutorial I created with Jing for using


Zunal allows users to create webquests that are educational, attractive, and organized. Webquests created through Zunal are sure to draw in students and spark learning and creativity. Zunal is FREE and requires users to register. Aside from creating webquests, users can also view and use webquests created by others.


Prezi allows users to create a presentation with a new 'flow.' Prezi enables users to work from a canvas and zoom in and out on certain points in a predetermined order. The audience will find Prezi refreshing and interesting compared with other presentation tools. Prezi is free and requires user registration.

Prezi example: The link will take you to a presentation I created with Prezi about Cyberbullying.


Wikispaces is free and requires users to register. Users can create custom wikis to share with groups (Private) or with everyone on the open web. Wikispaces is easy to use and beneficial for sharing information and communicating with others. Great tool for teachers and students!