Welcome to the Shabanu webquest.

Please watch the video before moving on to the webquest links.

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.

  • Open the document below and answer the questions. You may answer the questions electronically and print at the end or print out the document and write your answers.

  • Before gathering background information, it is important that you become familiar with some keywords.

1. Visit dictionary.com and define the terms in the spaces provided.



  • Next, visit the following website and read about the Cholistan Desert of Pakistan.

Cholistan Desert

2. After reading about the Cholistan Desert, infer why you think 'Cholistan' is derived from the word 'Cholna,' which means moving.


The remainder of the webquest will be spent using the subscription database, Culturegrams.

  • Follow the link to Proquest and read the login directions below.


  • Username: ridgwayhs

  • Password: elkers

  • Click on: MY PRODUCTS PAGE

  • Click on: CULTUREGRAMS

  • Using the drop down menu, select PAKISTAN.

  • You are now viewing the Culturegrams country report for Pakistan. This report includes a plethora of reliable, up to date information about the country. Utilize the links on the left side of the screen to answer the questions below.

3. After reading about the personal appearance of people living in Pakistan, imagine if you were a member of their society. What would your personal appearance be like, and how would you feel about it.

4. Read about dating and marriage customs in Pakistan. Compare and contrast dating and marriage in Pakistan to what you know about dating and marriage in the United States.


5. Predict what will happen to Shabanu in the story.

* Use at least three of the terms from the word cloud in your prediction.