The Life of Mark Twain

  • Have you ever wanted to know more about an author or famous person?

  • Authors become famous for their talented writing and their vivid imaginations. Many of us have favorite books, but we don't know much about the author behind our beloved story. For instance, where did the author grow up? What does the author look like? How does the author come up with the ideas for stories? What other books has the author written?

  • Many famous people have interesting stories of how they became famous. Where did they grow up? What influenced them to persue their dream? What are they really like?

  • This webquest will be an adventure into the world of Mark Twain. Get ready for an adventure where you will enjoy a new story and learn more about a talented person ...


Save the above document to your document folder. Open the document and answer the questions regarding the life of Mark Twain. Use the links below to reliable websites that provide biographies of Mark Twain.

The Mark Twain Scrapbook:

A Brief Biography:

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