First in Flight: The Wright BrothersWatch the video before moving on to the the questions.

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

Visit the following website and answer the questions.

The Wright Brothers


  • Click on "See the Flights." Watch each of the four flights.

Question 1. How would you describe the sequence of these first four flights? Explain your answer in complete sentences and support your answer with factual information.

  • Click on "Explore the Flyer." Read about each part of the flyer.

Question 2. Choose one of the parts and elaborate on the importance of that part.

  • Click on "Living Quarters." Explore the living quarters.

Question 3. Imagine that you are living in that time period. Compare and contrast the living quarters of the Wright brothers to your own home.

  • When you are finished, check your answers for complete sentences, correct grammar, correct spelling, and punctuation. Next, print your worksheet. You may explore other parts of the Wright brothers website, including the picture slideshow and videos.